Monday, 26 January 2015

MAC Lipstick Review

Hello, lovelies!

So whilst I was in New York, I picked myself up some MAC lipstick. My first ever! Just me that feels like that is a very defining moment in a girls life?

I picked up two of their matte shades. Pink Plaid and Ruby Woo (playing it safe, sticking to my reds and pinks.)

Ruby Woo

Pink Plaid

My first thought? These. Smell. AMAZING. Very fruity and fresh and lovely. That's an instant mark up, from me, anyway. 

Swatch testing on my hands showed that they are extremely pigmented (Pink Plaid especially,) both colours sticking very very easily, so you don't need to be super heavy handed with them like some other brands. 

(also, excuse the state of my nails. I'm very jet-lagged and haven't gotten around to fixing them yet.)

Ruby Woo swatch test

Pink Plaid swatch test

I did have photos of me trying them both on, but I'm extremely unhappy with how the Ruby Woo ones turned out, so have Pink Plaid at least!

As you can see, the colour transfers pretty much the exact same as when it's in the tube, which is great, and it's very very matte and very very long-wearing. I wore it out into Manhattan and only had to re-apply once! And that was only because we had been eating!

Overall? These lipsticks are absolutely phenomenal. I can't get over how lovely they come out, colour wise and smell wise. Definitely worth $16 (£15.50 if you're in the UK.) I can safely say I'm going to be buying more of them!

See you next time, then.

Ree xo

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