Friday, 14 April 2017

Tips for Better Sleep

Hello, lovelies!

As someone who has struggled with sleep since I was honestly 9 years old, I have tried EVERYTHING. Absolutely everything under the sun, from hypnotherapy to yoga to sleeping tablets to staying awake for 24+ hours to exhaust myself before I try to sleep again. It's infuriating. However, now I'm older it has been brought to reason with the fact that I am not a very well girl, so, it's unfortunately something I just have to live with.

Luckily - over my years of trying new sleep remedies, I have found several that work, and I always go back to in desperate times. So, let's get into them!


Seriously, I know it's on every "HERE'S HOW YOU CAN SLEEP BETTER" list you've probably ever seen, but it's true. Using a lavender bath bomb, or spray, or moisturiser, or even having a lavender plant (real or faux) in your bedroom can improve your sleep quality tremendously.  I wish I could give you the ins and outs of how it works, I just know it's one of the best smells in the world, and it makes me sleep like a baby. 

White Noise

I seriously must have tried 700 white noise apps. YouTube videos. CDs. Anything and everything with the promise of relaxing me, I've tried it. However, there is one app called "Relax Melodies" that has saved my behind so many times it's ridiculous. It comes with 50 different sounds, each of which you can mix with others and adjust the volume on, meditation tracks, binural beats, and pre-made mixes for when you're too tired to try and make one yourself. As someone who can't be in the quiet, ever, this app makes falling asleep so much easier because I have something to focus on beside the 3000 thoughts going on in my head.

Guided Meditation

I have to admit, I suck at meditation. I can't seem to get my mind to shut up long enough for me to reap the benefits of the exercise at hand. Guided meditation, however, is a lifesaver. There are hundreds of videos for guided meditation on YouTube, (my favourite of which you can find right here)  each ranging from 10 minutes to four hours, they truly are one of the most helpful things I've tried, and I recommend them to everyone I talk to that struggles with sleeping.

Stop. Taking. Naps.

I say this as if I didn't stop writing this post this afternoon to take a two hour nap. Seriously. You gotta stop napping. For some reason this one seems like the hardest one, doesn't it? I don't know what else to say here, this is mostly a reminder to myself, STOP SLEEPING DURING THE DAY, IDIOT. 

And of course there are the usual things, no electronics before bed, stop drinking anything with caffeine in after 6pm, etc. etc., but these four are my tried, tested and true. Especially the last one.

Thank you for reading, and as always -

I'll see you next time, then. 

Ree xo

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