Monday, 12 August 2019

Newborn Night Time Routine

Hello, lovelies!

In the last few weeks of pregnancy, I spent a long time looking at other people's routines with their kids. I've always been a lover of routine, it keeps my anxiety at bay and helps me know where everyone is (or should be) at what times, which is a big help when you have a newborn and a three-year-old running around.

For the first month we just went with the flow, let Caelan completely rule our routine and fed as and when he needed/wanted, slept when he slept, and never got any time for us to do, well, anything. Introducing this night time routine has really, really helped.

So, let's start at dinner time, which generally is the most stressful time of day in our house.

Anytime between 5pm & 7:30pm, we try and get all of us fed. Caelan will take 5 & 1/2oz at this point, and while either myself or James gives him it, the other will eat and make sure William (three-year-old) is fed as well.

If it's earlier in the evening, Caelan will usually have a small nap before bath time, but if it's a later feed, like around 7, we'll usually have play time/sensory time before his bath, and while William is having his.

Between 8 & 8:30 is bath time. We try and keep it the same every night, but on the nights we have William we usually do it just as he goes to bed at 8:30. However when we don't have him we do it a bit earlier. We use ASDA's Little Angels bedtime bath, it's 97p and has been amazing at helping settle Caelan for sleep.

After bath time we go straight upstairs for cuddles & settle down time. This is when Caelan and I will have skin to skin/tummy cuddles, and he'll usually snooze a little bit while James and I watch Netflix or YouTube, or a movie if we're feeling wild.

Between 10pm & 11pm Caelan will have his last feed. We usually do a bigger bottle, 6oz, as it helps keep him fuller for longer which means he sleeps longer. He's usually pretty tired by this point so it takes him longer to eat it, but we keep all the lights low and turn the TV right down so theres nothing too stimulating going on to wake him up.

Once he's finished eating, I'll swaddle him up and turn on the lullaby setting on his Ollie Owl and get some last cuddles before putting him down in his Next2Me for the night. He'll usually sleep from 11/11:30 until 4/5am, which is honestly amazing.

So, to recap:

  • 5 - 7:30pm - "Dinner" bottle, 5&1/2 Oz.
  • 7:30pm - Play/Sensory time
  • 8/8:30pm - Bath time
  • 9pm - Settle down time
  • 10/11pm - Last bottle, 6 Oz.
While I know this routine won't work for every baby on the planet, I thought I'd share it just in case there's some new mum's out there feeling just as anxious and unorganised as I was.

I'll see you all next time!

Ree xo

Thursday, 8 August 2019

Caelan At 6 Weeks

Hello, lovelies!

Can someone please tell me where the last 6 weeks have gone?! It seems like I've blinked and suddenly I have this 10lbs little boy smiling and giggling at me!

I know when I was pregnant I loved reading these kinds of blogs from other mama's, so I thought I'd pop my own up here. So, here we go, Caelan's 6 week update!

We've finally started to settle into a proper routine with him at nights. Bottle, bath, cuddle/play time, last bottle, then sleep. Thankfully, he's just like his mama and loves his sleep, so we usually get from about 11pm 'til 4/5am before he wakes up for another feed/bum change. I'm definitely not taking it for granted, because I know he can fall out of that habit as quickly as he went into it, but getting those solid few hours sleep a night has definitely helped me out a lot.

While he sleeps great at night, however, he does not sleep great during the day. I think we've only managed to get him to sleep in his moses basket twice, every other time he has to sleep on me; the second we put him down he pings awake and screams until he's lifted again. Which is usually right away because I can't stand hearing him cry, it truly breaks my heart, even if I know it's only because he's mad I've put him down.

We stopped breast feeding a couple of weeks ago, which I know is quite a controversial thing to do, but to be completely open and honest with you guys -- I was struggling. Really, really struggling mentally, and physically with it. I was constantly worried that he wasn't getting enough, and I was getting no time to do anything but feed since he's such a hungry little boy and was on the boob for 45 minutes every hour. Now, I can quite happily leave him with James for a bottle while I go for a shower and get the chance to feel human again.

The change hasn't seemed to have any affect on Caelan, and he's still just as much a little guzzle guts as he was when he was boob fed. He takes 5 and a 1/2 oz every three to four hours, and has been piling on the weight like a champ.

He's such a happy little man, and every day I look at him and think about how blessed and lucky I am to be his mama.

I want to keep doing these kinds of update posts, so look out for them! I'll also be doing a more in depth post about our night-time routine if anyone is interested in it!

I'll see you all next time!

Ree xo

Monday, 22 July 2019

Labour & Delivery Story

Hello, lovelies!

On the 24th of June, ten days after my due date, at 04:54am, my partner and I welcomed our son, Caelan, into the world. Now he's four weeks old, I figured it was time to sit and write this all down. Partly so I can read it and look back on it later, and partly so I can show it to him in years to come.

Saturday 22nd of June

After a day of reduced movement, I phoned maternity triage at about 10pm. Because I'd already tried all the usual tricks to get him moving -- cold water, lying on my left, eating something sugary -- they told me to pop in so they could check me over. Thankfully, my best friend, Eve, had her car that weekend and was able to come and pick us up. We arrived at triage at 10:45pm, and got strapped up to a monitor straight away.

Two hours of monitoring later, they said everything was fine and I was alright to go home, but they needed to take my blood pressure one last time before we did, which is when everything started to go a little bit pear shaped. They don't know why, but my blood pressure had sky rocketed, and since I was already so over-due, they decided to induce me then and there. Panic stations, lads, since we didn't bring any of our hospital bags with us. So, James and Eve had to run back home at nearly 1am to get our bags, and I was admited and taken to the early labour ward.

2:45am, a midwife came in and put in my pessary, which was possibly the most uncomfortable experience of my life, and I had to stay awake for an hour after that to make sure my body didn't reject it. It didn't, thankfully, and I finally got to sleep about 6am. Sleeping in hospitals isn't the easiest, but luckily we had a private room so James was allowed to stay with me.

Sunday 23rd of June

Quite possibly the slowest day of my life. My mum and auntie came to the hospital at 11am when visiting hours started so James could go home and shower. I spent the day walking around, bouncing on a maternity ball, and trying my hardest to force down the sorry attempt at hospital food. Because it was a Sunday they were doing a roast dinner, but I only had roast potatoes and gravy. It was dire, and I'll probably have emotional scars for the rest of my life from it. Seriously. Yikes. 

At around 3:30/4pm I started to get noticeable contractions, which was exciting, but terrifying, since I wasn't entirely sure what they were going to feel like due to being induced. I'd heard that induction makes them worse, but to start with they really did just feel like annoying, uncomfortable but ignorable period pains.

As the evening went on they got more and more uncomfortable. At 10pm I asked to go into the ward bath, as my contractions were getting more and more frequent and a fair bit more painful. The hot water helped a lot, and I spent a good hour or so in there before I went back to the room, and started on gas & air, which definitely took the edge off the pain for a little while. I didn't last long after that, maybe two hours before I asked for pain-killers, which was annoying because I was so convinced I wanted to do it drug-free and as naturally as possible. The midwife at the time suggested I try another bath, which I did, however half an hour in I was starting to feel like I was going to crack from the pain, and like I needed to start pushing, so I was smacking the midwife alarm like a crazy lady. 

When I got back to the room it was about 3:30 in the morning, and they finally gave me some morphine -- let me tell you guys it was the best thing in the world, completely knocked me out. Between contractions I was having little cat naps, and only woke up properly when a midwife, who was the sweetest woman EVER, came in to check me, I was four and a half centimetres dilated, and give me some more morphine. Twenty minutes later I was screaming that I needed to push, so a doctor came in to check me, and this is when everything started to go crazy. 

Monday 24th of June

Twenty minutes is all it took for me to go from four and a half centemitres, to fully dilated. I very vividly remember the doctor looking at the midwife and saying "Well I don't know what your four and a half centimetres feel like, but she's fully dilated and this baby is coming." 

I spent an hour pushing, and it was a pain unlike any I've ever experienced. I truly cannot describe it, and I don't think I ever will be able to. I started to lose momentum then, and was begging for them to help me. It was 4am, and the doctor said she could go and check to see if theatre was free for a forceps delivery. I was desperate at that point, nearing 26 hours since my pessary was put in, and agreed. Another 35 minutes passed before I was taken down to theatre, and the five minutes between leaving the room and getting the spinal block put in were hellish, because I couldn't take the gas & air with me, and the second lot of morphine had worn off already. 

James was brought into theatre, and I spent the whole time focussing on him, and the next thing I knew, I was being told my baby's head was born. My first question? "Is he real?"

This is where everything starts to get a bit fuzzy, so I'm going to base this entirely off what James and my mum have told me. 

We were taken back to the room, and I tried to give Caelan his first feed, but I was still numb from the boobs down so James gave him a bottle. I was lying in the bed, and completely lost all colour, and couldn't focus on anything. Everything sounded like it was miles away, my head felt like I was underwater, and when I looked at my mum I was seeing four of her. She ran to get the midwife, who came and checked on me and hit the panic button, and before they knew what was happening, nine doctors were in the room with me. 

Turns out, my uterus haemoraged pretty badly, and in the 45 minutes between Caelan being born and then, I lost nearly a litre and a half of blood very quickly. I ended up needing two transfusions, a lot of fluids, was given a cathater, heart monitors, pressure monitors, and I really didn't realise at the time just how awful it was. It wasn't until the next day that the doctors told me that I could have died. What a scary thought, right? 

We were kept in hospital until Wednesday the 26th, under extremely close watch and near hourly check ups for the first twenty four hours. I had to give myself at home injections to stop blood clots for ten days after we got home, and am now officially on iron tablets for the rest of my life. 

It's been four weeks now, and every day I'm starting to feel more and more like myself again. It's been the toughest, most emotional, longest yet fastest and best time of my life. Being a new mother is hard, and I know people told me constantly how difficult it would be, but I truly never expected this. 

Caelan Craig Thomas Stewart, you are the light of my life, and I've never felt a love like the love I have for you, my little prince. I would go to the end of the earth for you. I would go through that labour a million more times for you. I am so glad you are my baby boy. I love you. 

Tuesday, 30 April 2019

My Baby Shower

Hello, lovelies!

As I'm coming close to the end of my pregnancy (6 weeks & 3 days to go!) My mum and best friend, who happens to be Bub's God Mother, threw me a baby shower at my mum's house on Sunday.

Both Bub and myself were thoroughly spoiled, and I cannot even begin to thank everyone who came enough for their generosity and kindness. I truly don't think we'll need to buy Bub any clothes for at least the next 9 months.

I've gathered together my favourite photos from the day, and thought I'd post them here just to keep them as a diary for myself, and Bub to see in a few years.

Saturday, 13 April 2019

My Favourite Instagrammers

Hello, lovelies!

Instagram is definitely the biggest social media platform going - but I don't need to tell you that, do I? Unless you've been living under a rock since it came out all those years ago.

While I use my Insta to look at pictures of Sphynx Cats and pretty clothes - Instagram is the best platform for all artistic, creative minded, social people to share their latest works, outings, or drool-enducing foods.

I'm constantly on the lookout for new people to follow, so I thought I'd make a list of my favourite people on Instagram for you all to have a browse through.

Jemma - @dorkfaceblog

Jemma's feed is nothing but sunshine, colour, and the cutest little baby boy I've ever seen in my life. She is one of the most positive, uplifting, kind and caring people I follow, and always puts a smile on my face when she uploads. She runs her blog, her own shop, and is a working artist, all ontop of being an amazing mother! Her accent is possibly my favourite ever, and I just want to squish River's cheeks he's so bloomin' precious.

Karina - @karinaheartss

Karina has been an amazing friend of mine for nearly nine years now -- *record scratch, plates crashing, audience gasps* WHAT?! -- and I've never laughed more in my life than I have in the times I've spent with her. We've been to a fair few gigs together, and she now has her own fashion & lifestyle blog. Seeing her grow into such an amazing, confident and just generally wonderful person makes my heart sing! She's a blessing to have on my feed, and she'll be a blessing to have on yours too. 

Aimee - @aimee_nicole95

Aimee, her body confidence, and her smile, are infectious. She's positive about everything and since bringing her life more to Instagram I've watched her become this absolute beacon of confidence and love, and I couldn't be more proud of her. She may not consider herself a fashion blogger, but every single outfit she posts has me searching the internet for it (even if I won't look as good in it as she does.) You will not regret following her, I promise. 

Helen Anderson - @helenanderz

Helen is my favourite YouTuber, which automatically brings her into this list. Her sense of style, tattoos and makeup are all stunning, and it is SO refreshing to follow someone who's body type is the same as mine. Also, her dogs? Adorable. 

Kirsty - @kirstyjarvie

Kirsty, another Scottish fashion blogger, is such a happy little ray of sunshine that, as soon as you follow her, lights up your feed in a way that only Kirsty can. She's constantly smiling, constantly positive, and writes her blogs in such a way that you get sucked into it for hours on end without even noticing. 

Louise - @louisepentland

Everyone knows Louise by now, right? I've followed her since her eldest daughter was born, and it's been so lovely watching her and her family grow. Her entire feed is positivity, cats, cute babies and happiness, what else could you want? 

Billie - @billieleanne

Billie, the angel that she is, blows my mind on the daily. She owns her own fake eyelash company, her own logo design company, travels, has an amazing house, and recently just rescued a gorgeous dog from Romania. She truly is the embodiment of a hard working woman, and she is such an amazing body-positivity blogger on top of it all. I have so much love for her I can barely contain it.

Well, lovelies, I hope I've helped you find some new people to follow! Each of these women are strong, caring, hard working individuals who deserve all of your love and support, be it on Instagram, their blogs, or their businesses. 

I hope you're enjoying the more frequent uploads, because I'm enjoying writing them again! 

I'll see you all next time, 

Ree xo

Thursday, 11 April 2019

Baby Names We Love... But Won't Be Using

Hello, lovelies!

Now that we've finally, finally, settled on a name for our little boy, I thought I'd share the list we'd narrowed it down to before we finally got here.

When I say narrowed it down, I mean cut from roughly 100+ names for both girls and boys, who knew naming a Bubba would be so hard? I certainly didn't, and I was convinced I'd end up with a nameless child since even the ones I'd loved since childhood suddenly didn't seem right.

There's still every chance we'll end up picking something new again once he's made his appearance.

We'll start with girl's names:

  • Autumn
  • Rose
  • Anastasia
  • Indi
  • India
  • Nova
  • Charlotte
  • Kira
  • Paige
  • Darcy
  • Victoria
  • Scarlett
  • Daisy
  • Grace
  • Delilah
  • Delia

Boy's names:
  • Grayson
  • Fletcher
  • Jack
  • Bodhi
  • Oliver
  • Nathan
  • Avery
  • Robin
  • Charlie
  • Noah
  • Leo
  • Alfie
I've obviously left the name we've picked off here, since we're keeping it a surprise until he's here -- but these are what we'd managed to get it down to. A lot of names that I loved, James didn't like. A lot of names that James loved, I didn't like. It was a vicious cycle of "What about..." "Or maybe..." "This sounds nice..."

These posts are always so fun to read, so I figured I'd join in on the fun and make my own!

Hope you all have a lovely week! 

I'll see you all next time,

Ree xo

Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Koi Footwear Wishlist

Hello, lovelies!

I've been doing a lot of online window shopping recently -- thanks, Bub! -- and I recently stumbled across Koi Footwear.

Anyone who knows me knows I love shoes. Love. Shoes. At one point I had upwards of 75 pairs, even though I only wore maybe three of those.

Koi Footwear cater to everyone. They're quirky, fun, have everything from trainers to heeled boots, and SO MANY cute shoes I really struggled to narrow them all down for this list, but here we go!  This post isn't sponsored nor have I been asked by Koi to do this, I literally just love them.

You can shop the whole site HERE


These were the first boots I saw from Koi, thanks to a few of my blogger friends wearing them, and I've been completely head over heels in love with them since. I've always been a sucker for a good pair of biker boots (my last ones were worn to death, no joke,) so I knew, sooner or later, I had to have these for my wardrobe. 


Another pair of boots, another time my heart sings when I look at them. I LOVE these boots with so much passion. They make my inner thirten-year-old-who-drew-hearts-with-arrows-on-everything sing, and the red laces are to die for. Black jeans and a leather jacket with these boots? Be still, my heart.


This may (or may not) be the last pair of boots on this list. I just can't let the opportunity to show these babies off slip by, and they aren't even mine yet. I'm going to keep saying I love them, and I'm a sucker for them, because 1) we've established I love biker style boots, and 2) I'm a SUCKER for anything Astro themed. The stars, moon and sun on these are enough to make my heart flutter. 


Ummm. Baby Pink. Mary Janes. For someone who loves Mary Janes as much as I do, I've never actually owned a pair. Shocking, right? However, that may change very soon because of these beautiful babies. I'm a little lost for words on them, because they are just that beautiful.


When I was younger I had these gorgeous trainers with cats on them, and I haven't been able to find a pair I've liked since. Queue these beauts coming into my life and tempting me from the other side of my computer screen. I. Am. Obsessed. Will I be asking for these as a push present? Possibly. 


I know I said no more boots, but when I've literally been talking to James about wanting a nice pair of leopard print shoes and then these pop up on my screen? Fate. Destiny. A need that I can't describe. I'm obsessed with them and have 300 ideas on how to style them already, so will be getting these (hopefully) at some point in the future. 

Well, lovelies, I hope you enjoyed this quick little list, and I hope I haven't sent your shopping needs off too badly! 

I'll see you all next time,

Ree xo