Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Top Beauty Products Under £10

Hello, lovelies!

Everyone loves a great beauty bargain, right? And whilst I would love to be able to afford all of those MAC lipsticks, my top products right now are mostly under £10 bargains.

So, here is my current Top Beauty Products Under £10!

Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer - £4, Superdrug. 

If you've been living under a rock, you may not have heard of this product yet, but if you haven't, and you have social media (which you do because you're here) you know the hype around this concealer. I was a devote Tarte Shape Tape user, spending £22 a go to get that creamy coverage, so when I heard that this was a dupe and £18 less, I was thrilled. Sceptical, but thrilled. 

Whilst I didn't wear it everyday until recently - pregnancy has given me some major eyebags - I seriously fell head over heels for this concealer. It's thick, creamy, full coverage, and whilst it isn't an exact dupe for Shape Tape, I cannot sing it's praises enough. I use the shade C1 because I'm ridiculously pale, but it comes in a variety of shades suitable for near enough anyone.

Sweetheart Cosmetics 'STARSTRUCK' Lashes - £9.50,

Billie, the lovely girl who runs this brand, has created several pairs of my favourite lashes. All of Sweetheart's lashes are top quality, with a relatively low price point. Starstruck is but one of my favourite styles, alongside Drama Queen, Daydreamer & Lucy. 

Am I biased because thats my eyeball you guys see on the website? I mean, maybe, but that doesn't stop these lashes being the most comfortable lashes I've ever had bless my eyes. I've worn them to gigs and parties as well as day to day, and they are perfect. 10/10 would pay £3000 for these. 

Buy STARSTRUCK Lashes HERE (they're currently on sale for £6.95 - use code 'reeroganmakeup' for £ off as well.)

Zoeva Cat Eye Pen - £7.00, 

I'm going to put it out there, eyeliner and I are still not the best of friends. It's a very much unrequited love situation. I love eyeliner, but does eyeliner love me? Not so much. 

However, this eyeliner is so simple to use, and such a lovely formula, that it very quickly became my favourite pen liner. I've repurchased this at least five times now, and every time I use it I'm reminded why I love it. It glides on like silk, and definitely lives up to it's name of "Blackest Black." 

You can buy it from BEAUTYBAY

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Stretch Mark Cream - £4.75, Boots

Does this count as a beauty product? I'm adding it anyway, because oh man, has it saved me. 

I've struggled with stretch marks for a while, even before I got pregnant, due to weight gain after such a sudden weight loss when I was younger, and now I have this bump growing they seemed to be getting worse and worse. I bought this from Boots when I was about 6 weeks pregnant, and have sworn by it ever since. 

Whilst it hasn't made my stretch marks disappear, it has helped the elasticity of my skin and stopped them from getting worse, which is all I cared about. 

Well, lovelies, that's it for now. This obviously isn't the longest list in the world, but I'll be doing a pregnancy skincare post soon for you all as well, so keep your eyes peeled for that. 

Until next time,

Ree xo

Wednesday, 2 January 2019

16 Weeks Pregnant Recap

Hello, lovelies!

Yep, that's right. I really am pregnant.

To say that I am over the moon is an understatement, so I figured why not start the new year off with a bang and get back into blogging since there is a very limited amount of things I can do now. (Not by my own chosing, my other half won't even let me vacuum.)

Anyway, I figured I would make my first blog of the year a recap on the last 16 (nearly 17) weeks of pregnancy, and wow, what a ride it's been.

I guess, thinking about it, the first time I kind of thought I might have been pregnant was the night of James and I's anniversary, we were going out for dinner and I just felt nauseous. I thought it might've been anxiety, so I pushed it to the side. A week later however, I was still nauseous and I hadn't come on. Tell tale signs right? So I was leaning over James' son's bed saying goodnight and I just got this over-whelming wave of sickness, like, it was wild, I had to sprint to the bathroom. We bought the test the next day, but I waited a few days before I took it.

2nd of October 2018 is the day we got our positive. I cried in the bathroom, and the kitchen, and the living room, and the bedroom. I was happy, of course, but I was terrified.

Telling my mum was... strange. Very strange. I know she struggled to come to terms with it, but she's all over the idea now, and is arguably a little bit more excited than I am.

We waited a few weeks to tell James' mum. Which I didn't want to, but James did, so we waited until I was about 8 weeks to tell her. She cried. Properly sobbed down the phone when we told her, which set me off.

Those weeks between 10 and 14 were truly some of the most emotional, stressful, and unstable of my life. We were between houses, as we hadn't signed anything on the house we now live in, I had lots of blood work done, I still felt sick all the time, I was struggling to come to terms with the changes my body was going through (that first 12 weeks of bloating, man,) and I was generally just run down with the cold and feeling pretty rubbish. I remember thinking "Pregnancy is meant to be beautiful, but I feel horrendous." a lot of the time, to the point I was dreading waking up in the mornings because I knew I was just going to feel worse.

Our 12 week scan came around and I had convinced myself that we were going to get there and they were going to tell me there was nothing there, that I was making things up and to go home. I've never been so nervous in my life. I've also never needed to pee QUITE that badly, but of course everything was fine, and Bubba was wriggling around quite happily. We're due on the 14th of June 2019, which at the time felt like ages away, but now that it is actually 2019, feels like no time at all. Yikes?

At 14 weeks we moved into our new house, and things started to get a lot better. I found I had a bit more energy, I was managing to eat a bit more and more often, and I started to feel happier now that we had our own space back and I could start to organise myself and picture myself with a baby.

15 weeks brought Christmas, and I can honestly say I've never had just so many people grabbing at my belly before. I definitely started showing this week, and everyone knew it. It was a very, very bizarre experience, especially when people started telling me I looked bigger than I was. Struggling with my body image is still quite prominant, however I am starting to come to terms with the fact my belly is getting bigger, and I have stretch marks, and that I can't fit into a lot of my clothes.

This week is 16 weeks, and as I'm writing this I am 16 + 4, which is just... wild. I've been feeling more exhausted this week again which hasn't been fun, but I'm not complaining about the naps I've been getting to have. I'm also starting to get a little uncomfortable when I'm trying to sleep, as I can't sleep on my stomach anymore and I've been getting quite bad acid whenever I lie down, but I guess that's just part and parcel of this whole journey. I have my 16 week midwife appointment on Monday, even though I'll technically be past 17 weeks by then, and then our gender scan next Saturday.

Bets are on about wether we're having a boy or a girl. I'm saying boy, but James is convinced they're a girl, so we shall see.

I hope you all had a beautiful Christmas and New Year, and I'm so excited to share this with you this year.

See you soon!

Ree x

Friday, 14 September 2018

The Nowhere Girls - Book Review

“Silence does not mean yes. No can be thought and felt but never said. It can be screamed silently on the inside. It can be in the wordless stone of a clenched fist, fingernails digging into palm. Her lips sealed. Her eyes closed. His body just taking, never asking, never taught to question silence” 

C/W: Rape, Rape Culture, Mental Health, Religion, Racism.

Hello, lovelies!

I only finished this book last night, but it's impacted me so heavily I need to get this review out now. 

Everyone has to read this. 

If you're looking for a serious, realistic insight of the hardships and ridiculousness of gossip and sexual expectation and how they can shape and destroy the life of teenagers,  this book has it down perfectly. If you're looking for a book about teenage girls learning how to stand for their rights and take control of their own bodies, this book has it down. If you're looking for a book about feminism and it's importance in modern day high-school enviroments, this book has it down.

So what is The Nowhere Girls about?

Taking place in the town of Prescott, Oregon, this book centres around the teenage girls of Prescott High. The year prior to when the book is set, a young girl called Lucy Moynihan was raped at a party. After going to the police, Lucy was run out of town for accusing the "popular" boys at school for their crimes. The boys think they've gotten away with it without hassle. Until Grace moves into Lucy's old house, finds the words she scratched into the walls, and decides enough is enough. Pairing up with Erin, an autistic girl who is also a rape victim, and Rosina, a Mexican girl who fights for what she believes in so fiercly she's gotten into some crazy trouble at school, the three girls form "The Nowhere Girls", an anonymous group of girls who send out emails, host meetings, and are determined to change the way Prescott High, and the world, percieve teenage girls. 

Eventually, The Nowhere Girls becomes a force bigger than the three girls who started it. Near enough every girl in the school is involved, and they've inforced a sex-strike. There is fourty-plus girls showing up to meetings. There is a sense of community and understanding that Prescott High has never felt before. There is a revolution.

Told from the multi-perspectives of Erin, Grace, Rosina, "Us", and occasionally, Lucy, or Amber - The Nowhere Girls is a tale of standing for your rights, self-discovery, and ultimately, loving your fellow woman. 

What did I think of The Nowhere Girls?

Quite simply, I loved this book. 

It made me angry. It made me cry. It made me feel so strongly for the girls of Prescott High that I couldn't breathe. I felt connected, like I was part of The Nowhere Girls. 

But it also made me happy. It made me realise just how important friendship and being a strong woman is in this day and age. It helped solidify how important it is to teach our young women that "No" is a valid answer, and how to take care of themselves, and that if a man won't take no for an answer, you have every right to break his nose. It made me grateful for how strong my friendship group was during high-school, and how strong we still are now, almost 12 years after we all met. 

If The Nowhere Girls are every girl, I am proud to be a Nowhere Girl.

Ultimately, this book gets a 10/10 from me. Please pick this up if you can. It is so, so important.

I'll see you next time, then.

Ree xo 

Thursday, 23 August 2018

One Of Us Is Lying - Book Review

“She's a princess and you're a jock," he says. He thrusts his chin toward Bronwyn, then at Nate. "And you're a brain. And you're a criminal. You're all walking teen-movie stereotypes.”

Hello, lovelies!

First of all - I have emotions and this book messed with ALL OF THEM.

Second - who do I go to about getting this book turned into a damn Netflix series?

If you're a fan of The Breakfast Club, Pretty Little Liars, and murder mystery with a little bit of teen romance thrown in, I'd definitely recommend you pick up One Of Us Is Lying by Karen M. McManus.

Told from the perspective of four different high school students - Bronwyn, Nate, Addy & Cooper - who were all present when one of their classmates mysteriously dies during detention, this is one of the most gripping Young Adult novels I've read in a very long time. To the point I haven't been able to read anything else since, because I've been reeling from this book.

Karen's writing style is so immersive that whilst reading this book, hours can pass and you won't even notice them flying by. Each character is so loveable and relateable, I kept seeing things I felt within myself in these characters, and I wanted to scoop them all up and cuddle them until they were better. Each of them grew so much during this story, that by the time I reached the end I actually felt bad about all of the assumptions I had made about them as I read.

This whole book is a case of you sitting there thinking "She definitely did it. Wait, did she? Oh, no, it must've been him. Actually, no, that's ridiculous. Who the f killed this dude?!"

Ultimately, this book is a solid 15/10 on my scale, and I'm very much contemplating reading it again right now, as I truly don't think I'll find another book that made me feel quite like this one did.

I'll see you all next time,
Ree xo

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Losing Myself to My Mental Health

Hello, lovelies.

Wow, it's been a while, huh?

The last year has been... weird, in the mental sense of the word. I'm in a lovely relationship, I have a lovely house, to the outside world I am thriving. However, my mental health has recently taken quite the beating.

As most of you know, throughout my youth I suffered badly with anorexia, and whilst I am still clean and recovered, the little voice in my head - who we shall be calling Ana - is getting a little bit harder to ignore every single day. She doesn't care if my recent weight gain has been due to medication changes, or fibromyalgia flares, or well, anything. My newly formed stretch marks are a sign of failure to Ana.

I feel as though I have completely lost myself to the dark space of my mind the last year, despite all the happy things that have come into my life. The phrase "mental illness doesn't discriminate" has an all new meaning to me now. My boyfriend, James, is the light I have been focussing on.

I'm constantly questioning myself. Do I still love makeup? Yes. Do I still want to be a makeup artist? I don't know. Do I still love my body? Definitely not. Do I still wish I could disappear?... Sometimes. 

My mental health takes a toll on my physical health, my physical health takes a toll on my mental health. It's a vicious circle that is getting harder and harder to jump out of the longer I roll around in it. The worse my fibromyalgia gets, the worse my state of mind gets.

I know I preach yoga, meditation, all that jazz, but it hasn't helped. Long walks haven't helped. The Gym hasn't helped. I feel like nothing is helping, and the old, happy and mentally stable me is just a strange daydream I had, which is strange because I wouldn't say I'm not happy.

I'm so in love with James, with my house, with my friends, with everyone I have surrounded myself with. They are the right people. The people I have been searching for for years. In that sense, I am happy.

Mental health is something that no one can really get a grip on, and I need to stop beating myself up for having bad days. Even if they are more frequented than the good days at this point.

I want to get back into my blog writing, as it's such a good way to get words out, but I can't promise I'll be any good at it anymore.

Much love,

Ree xo

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

July Beauty Favourites

Hello, lovelies!

How freaking crazy is it that it's August already? I'm mind blown, and slightly scared.

This month has been an absolute whirlwind for me, I got a new job in a salon as their makeup artist AND its starting to sink in that I'm actually going to be going to college to study what I love and get my qualifications. My own little salon is getting more and more possible, and it's terrifying.

I have a whole list of things that I adored this month, so I'll jump right on into the post rather than ramble any more!

Morphe 35OS & 35P Palettes

These were my first ever Morphe palettes, and I absolutely adore them. They are honestly like my children. The 35OS is a re-vamp of their iconic 35O with a lot of shimmer added, and I just freaking love shimmer. 35P is a lot more matte with some shimmers added in, and a mix of browns and purples, the looks that can be created with these palettes blow my mind. I find myself reaching for one or the other of these palettes almost daily now. 

Certifeye 'Orion' Lashes & Majestic Palette

If you've seen my Twitter, you'll have seen me fangirl several times over Certifeye, their amazing products and beauty of an owner. I love everything about this brand. Orion lashes are dramatic and fluffy, and I wear them every single chance I get. Be it for a big night out or a family dinner, they are my be all and end all of falsies. The Majestic palette can be used as eyeshadows, highlights, and blushes, but I mostly use it on my eyes. 'Royalty' is my perfect transition shade and is by far my most used in the palette, alongside 'Imperial', 'Power' and 'Regal'. 

Zoeva Rose Golden Trio

I use this on both myself and my clients, and we all love it. It's a simple palette that I found in the Travel section of beauty bay, so it's perfect for sticking in your hand luggage. The top shade is a matte, cocoa brown perfect for contouring, the middle shade is a pure white, perfect for highlighting and setting under your eyes, and the bottom shade is a pink, shimmery blush. It gives your cheeks that perfect, summery glow, and I would recommend it to anyone!

Morphe Liquid Lipstick in 'Vanity'

I wasn't even slightly concerned about not liking this when I bought it, and I wasn't wrong. It's creamy, applies like a dream, and smells freaking beautiful. It dries matte and does not smudge for anything, trust me. I wore this on a date and it didn't even move during kisses. It looked a lot pinker on the website but in real life it is more like a light purple, and it's my daily go to currently. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Dark Brown

Are you truly a beauty blogger if you haven't raved about this product? I only just recently got my hands on it and I honestly don't think I could live without it now. I feel naked when I'm not wearing it. It lasts a full day in the salon paired with their clear brow gel, and it doesn't feel heavy or like your brows are glued down onto your face, which is definitely a plus. 

Zoeva Graphic Lash Mascara, Cat Eye Pen, and Black Box Khol Liner

What a mouthful of a title, huh? I paired these three together as I wanted to trim down the length of this post, and felt like these are pretty self explanatory products. I use them daily, and after using the same brand of khol liner for years (Thanks, Avon.) I finally decided to jump ship and try a new one, and I am SO glad I did. The mascara applies wonderfully, has an amazing, thick brush and doesn't clump or flake after a couple of hours. The Khol Liner is a wonderfully creamy pencil, and stays on my waterline wonderfully during the day with only the tiniest little bit of smudging that I don't mind because I live for grungy eye looks. The Cat Eye Pen liquid liner dries matte and again, applies like a dream. It doesn't crease, it doesn't fade, and it keeps me looking tip top during those ten hour shifts.

Marc Jacobs 'Daisy'

One of my mum's friends brought this back for her from his holiday, and I had to pinch it because I love it so much. Fruity and floral, it has the perfect summer scent for me, and it makes me feel like a literal princess when I wear it. It's beautiful, and it's my staple scent this summer. 

Oh boy, what a list! I hope you enjoyed reading, my lovelies! 

Side note, I have started an instagram solely for my makeup and client pictures, so if you want to pop it a follow I am over at @reeroganmakeup! 

See you next time, then!

Ree xo 

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Taking A Break

Hello, lovelies!

You may ave noticed my absence this month - and the reason for that is, I hit a wall. I couldn't think of content, I had started a new medication that messed with my body, my body hurt, and I spent most of this month asleep. I put far too much pressure on myself with 5 blog posts a week, which exhausted me both mentally and physically.

The last two weeks have been better, and I'm back, and better than ever.

I done something scary - I went to a salon, and I cut my hair. Might not sound scary, right? Well, I hadn't been to a proper salon in a long ass time, and taking the leap to actually go and get my hair done properly wasn't an easy one. I cried to my best friend the night before because I was so nervous, but it turned out beautifully, and since then, I've felt better.

I've started to feel like myself again, I've started to get out of bed before 2pm again, and, thankfully, I'm blogging again, which feels great.

Thank you for sticking around, if you have, and if you're just joining us - welcome, I hope you're ready for this crazy ride.

I'll see you next time, then.

Ree xo