Sunday, 22 February 2015

Lush Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar Review

Hello, lovelies!

So I took a quick little trip into town with my mum on Thursday, and of course I ended up in Lush.

I've seen my friends, fellow bloggers, and even a family member going on about how wonderful Lush's new "Unicorn Horn" bubble bar is, so I figured it was time to jump on the band-wagon and try it out for myself.

Not only is it utterly adorable, it smells absolutely divine.

"A one way ticket to the end of the rainbow. Keep this horn on hand and crumble under running water for an explosion of sparkling lustre, colourful candy stars and magical neroli and lavender scents."

The first thing that hit me was the very very distinct lavender scent, which I absolutely adore, although the neroli isn't as noticeable at first, it's certainly there as a very delicate undertone.

A lot of reviews I read on this said they had had trouble with the amount of bubbles the bar produced, saying that there wasn't many at all, but when I tested it, well, I had no problem in my bubble kingdom.

"@earthtoree: BUBBLE KINGDOM"

Something that I didn't notice about the product straight away (and mainly due to the insane amount of bubbles there was) was that it turned the water a very nice lilac colour, and the water was very full of glitter. My excitement can be showcased in the following tweet:

Overall, I found this bubble bar to be absolutely gorgeous. Relaxing, soothing, and great for sore muscles, I found myself wishing I had picked up a couple of these beauties so I can disappear to the end of the bubble rainbow every evening. The lavender creating the perfect relaxation atmosphere, and with a couple of candles? Ya girl would've fallen asleep in there.

So, from my favourite office --

I'll see you next time, then.

Ree xo

Thursday, 19 February 2015

February Beauty Wishlist

Hello, lovelies!

Throughout the past few weeks, I've found myself looking at products and thinking 'I most definitely cannot live without this thing in my life.'

Fact of the matter is, I can, and I have to a lot of the time, but a girl can dream, can't she?

Anyway, this is my February beauty wishlist, I'll try to keep it short and sweet, simple and have as little rambling as I can, but we all know I'm bad at that.

1.  Benefit Gimmie Brow Gel 

I'm a HUGE fan of Benefit, however because their products do tend to be a little bit pricey, I only occasionally treat myself to some of their stuff. I've borrowed my friends Gimmie Brow before and I fell completely and utterly in love with it. Getting my hands on one of my own might just have to be my splurge this month, because the palette I'm using for my brows is getting a little bit sparse.

LINK. Price - £17.50 

 2. Soap & Glory Arch De Triumph Eyebrow Shaper & Highlighter

Have I mentioned on here how much I adore Soap & Glory? I think I must've, so really it's no surprise that a product of theirs is on here, what is a surprise is that only ONE of their products is on here. Another brow product, oops, but I've had my eye on it for a while, so maybe if I can't quite bring myself to splurge on the Benefit one, I can still have my brows looking amazing with this one.

LINK. Price - £9.00

3. Too Faced Sweetheart Perfect Flush Blush

Since buying their 'Better Than Sex' mascara in New York, I've been so in love with Too Faced I can't even begin to explain it. I'd had my eye on their products for a long time before finally getting around to buying one, and this is one of those products I keep looking at but haven't quite brought myself to buying yet. I think it's the guilt complex setting in. £24 for a blush?! For me?! Lord almighty. The price of beauty. Regardless, I'm still wishing to have this beauty in my makeup bag one day.

LINK. Price - £24.00

4. Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Eau de Toilette

Last time I was in Boots, I stood for a good twenty minutes smelling this stuff, and oh man am I in love with it. I have to stop and smell it every time I see it, it's honestly like some kind of Marc Jacobs addiction. Not only is the smell absolutely enticing, but the packaging is so adorable it kind of hurts a little. Fresh, floral, and well, dreamy, I would KILL to have this is my makeup bag coming into spring.

LINK. Price - £38.50 (30ml bottle)

Is this short? I think compared to my other posts it classes as it, so hurrah!

I hope you all enjoyed this lovelies, thank you so much for reading!

See you next time, then.

Ree xo

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Instagram Round Up - January 2015

Hello, lovelies!

I've seen a few people doing Instagram round up posts, so I've decided to do one myself.

I've been using Instagram since 2012, and I am extremely guilty for sitting and scrolling through my feed and the popular page for a good couple of hours when I'm supposed to be asleep. Oops.

The first thing I posted this January was this. After picking these up in a sale, down from £40 to £10, I couldn't leave them on the shelf when there was only one size left, mine. A girl can never have too many shoes right? Six inch heels with  a two inch platform and a buckled strap around the ankle, you've probably already seen these in my Birthday OOTD post!

Airport bathroom selfies! At seven am on a Sunday morning, this was the day I was leaving for New York! I had only had about three hours sleep, and I was so excited I couldn't actually stop bouncing while I sat and waited on my first flight to Dublin.

100% the BEST crepes I've ever had in my life. From a little Crepe shop in Lower East Manhattan, the one at the back was bananas, strawberries, nutella, vanilla ice cream and whipped cream, and the one at the front was marshmallows, crackers, chocolate and ice cream. So so so tasty, very sweet, and I ate so much I couldn't move for a good ten minutes once we had finished them.

My best friend in the whole world. I posted this the day I left, while I sat in JFK airport and cried so much I think I scared the woman sitting next to me. I had the best two weeks of my life with this girl, and I miss her so much.

Birthday selfie!

I treated myself to a birthday present from, and of course I had to post about it when it arrived. A gorgeous, bandage, deep V cut dress, that fits like a glove and makes me feel like I should be in a James Bond film..

Thankfully, I've stopped using the white border on all of my photos, so my Instagram looks a lot neater now, but this was my January round up!

Also, quick little update, I've started a new schedule! I'll be posting blogs on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sundays, and I'll be posting YouTube videos every Wednesday! Here is this weeks!

See you next time, then!

Ree xo

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

OOTD: Anna Saccone Inspired

Hello, lovelies!

I've been a huge fan of the SacconeJolys for a good 3 three years now, and I've always been in love with the way Anna dresses and presents herself, such an elegant, classy lady! So, as any girl looking up to an idol would, I tried to base an outfit or two on Anna. Not exact, because as you all know I'm a broke 19 year old, but think of this as like the Primark version of House of Fraser.

For those of you who don't know who Anna is, she is 1/4 of the wonderful SacconeJoly family on YouTube, and she's absolutely fantastic. Such a strong woman, and an amazing mother to both Emilia and Eduardo, who are two of the cutest children I have ever seen in my life.

Anna keeps her clothes very simple yet classy, and very, excuse the phrase, "yummy mummy". Cringe, but true. If I look as good as her after two kids then I'll feel very blessed. Her makeup is always very subtle, and her hair always looks so flawless. Like, seriously, girl, I'm jealous.

 I tried to stay true to Anna's comfy yet incredibly stylish look. Going for an over-sized shirt from Primark which was only £12, has the cutest collar and is probably the softest item of clothing I own. My jeans are from New Look and are actually high waisted, they're coated too so they look that little bit different (£22, I think, but they're well worth it,) and my boots are also from New Look. (They were on sale when I got them so I don't know if they'll still have them, but they were roughly £25 I think, but don't quote me.)

The back of the shirt is probably my favourite part. With a button at the back of the collar, it has a cute little peep-hole detail before it changes into a gorgeous sheer fabric, which gives the shirt a little bit more of a classy edge to it, and I absolutely adore it. I've worn it so often that it's barely got time to get washed and dried before I'm hunting for it again, definitely worth it.

Like I said, my jeans are from New Look, and are coated, high-waisted, super skinny jeans. A mouthful, huh? But despite their appearance, they're extremely comfortable and easy to throw on for just a quick trip to the shops or a night out, or even just a day around the house.  You can find them HERE

Again, my boots are from New Look also. I was desperate to get a pair of Chelsea boots, but because I'm quite short, I feel like I can't really pull off the flat ones, so when I saw these ones in the New Look sale, I all but jumped on them. They have a wooden, block heel, and are incredibly comfortable to walk in. I've worn them for every day again but also to a few parties with friends, so they're extremely versatile. Unfortunately I don't think they sell these exact ones anymore, but they have several extremely similar pairs!

Because I can't do anything in my life seriously, a grand majority of this shoot turned out like this, so I figured why not put one of them in here too?

Makeup wise I kept it very simple, going for a nude pink lipstick and very light coloured eyeshadow, some mascara, foundation, just a very basic, simple yet elegant every day look. Much like Anna's. For my hair, I curled it before bed (honestly so I could just sleep for another hour) but went over it with my curler again this morning to give it a little more bounce, trying to mimic Anna's lovely waves.

I don't want to ramble on too much, so I'm going to end this here, because I could ramble about Anna's style for a good couple of hours probably.

I hope you enjoyed this post, my beauties! 

See you next time then.

Ree xo

Friday, 6 February 2015

What's In My Make-Up Bag

Hello, lovelies!

I know I did a "What's In My..." post not too long ago, but I figured I should do one on a more beauty related side. So, of course, I reached straight for my make-up bag.

I recently got a new make-up bag (read: yesterday) so whilst I was filling it, I sorted out all of my every day makeup products and kept them to hand, and finally tidied up the clutter that was my desk. My laptop actually fits on here now, which is some major progress.

The bag itself is from Primark, and only cost £3, which is an absolute steal for a bag the size of this one. If you need clarification - the Urban Decay 'Naked' Palette fits in the bottom with room to spare. Really.

A lot of the products in here are high street brands that cost under £10, so if you're broke like myself you're not going to have to sacrifice your food for the week in order to replace your mascara.

Starting off with foundation and concealer, I'm a sucker for having things in pairs, so if a foundation has a concealer to match, I more likely than not have that as well. Right now I'm using the Rimmel London "Wake Me Up" products. They smell absolutely fantastic, and the product itself has almost a glittery substance in it, to make your skin look fresh and awake and vibrant. The concealer isn't majorly heavy coverage, but it does the job on those "I haven't slept for two days because I've been having a Sons Of Anarchy marathon" dark circles.

More Rimmel! I've been using their Stay Matte powder for a good two years now, so it's always been a solid member of my every day make-up, and it does exactly what it says on the tin. Keeps your make-up looking matte and stops it sliding around during the day, perfect for days when you're constantly on the move.

I only recently bought the bronzer, being so pale I was always quite skeptical about buying bronzers because I was worried I'd look like I did during my 2008 dance show (terrible.) So I picked this up in a moment of bravery, and I'm so glad I did. It isn't too dark and it isn't too overpowering, it's just right. Give three bronzers to Goldilocks and this is the one she'd choose.

For highlighter, I use this Avon one that I got for Christmas. I couldn't tell you the name or price of it, because I'm absolutely useless, but Avon's prices are generally really good, and the quality of the product is always top notch. This one doesn't leave too much of a glittery sheen on your face, but just enough so when the sun hits it you do look absolutely wonderful.

Eyebrows wise, I use this Technic Complete Brow Kit that I got as a freebie so long ago that I can't even really remember getting it. It was sitting in the bottom of my make-up drawer for a good while though, because I used to swear against filling in my eyebrows (eek) and instead just let them go crazy natural, but then I finally got them waxed and decided to test this little baby out. Never ever have I gone back, I can't leave the house now without my eyebrows done. It's like a security blanket in the form of good face shaping.

So many people I watch on YouTube and read on here raved about Sleek products, so I decided to try out one of their blushes, and oh. My. God, and I glad I did! This is their Rose Gold blush, a lovely pink shade with gold streaked through it, and mixed with the bronzer and highlighter, it makes the most lovely natural peaches and cream complexion. 

I'm absolutely in love with Lush, and their Bubblegum Lip Scrub is one of my absolute favourite products I've ever bought! Not only does it last absolutely forever, it's made of sugar and tastes absolutely amazing. A lot of people think that eating it is kinda gross because you know, it's scrubbing off all the dead skin from your lips, but oh well. It's a sweet way to start your day.

Two of the four high end products I own are my two MAC lipsticks. I like having the option of both a natural shade and a more out there shade to hand, which is why I have both Pink Plaid and Ruby Woo in my makeup bag at all times. I posted a review on both shades not long ago, so I'll link that HERE.

You've probably seen a whole load of beauty bloggers go on and on for hundreds of posts about the Naked palette, but you're going to have to see it again, because here I go. With some of the most pigmented shades I've ever seen and ranging from a very light shade to black, the Naked palette is filled with nude, natural shades  for every day and more dramatic, out there shades for if you're feeling adventurous or going on a night out, the Naked palette has it all for you. It is a bit pricey, but it's definitely worth it.

Unfortunately you can't get this product in the UK yet unless you get it shipped directly from the Sephora website, but when I saw it in New York, I couldn't leave it behind. Kat Von D has been an idol of mine ever since I can remember, so getting one of her actual products made me so, unbelievably happy. This is her Tattoo Liner in the shade 'Trooper', and when they say it doesn't budge, it doesn't budge. I tested it out on my wrist in the store, and even after a shower that evening it had barely faded, so if you're looking for long lasting, liquid eyeliner, this is definitely worth the shipping fees.

Last but not least I have three mascaras. One high end, and two high street. Recently I've been using Too Faced's "Better Than Sex" mascara every day because I'm so in love with the lift and volume it gives my lashes, but I also have The Falsies and Scandal Eyes by Rimmel. I could go on about all three of these mascaras for hours, but if you can't afford Too Faced (£18/$23), both Rimmel products (about £7/£8 each) are definitely good substitutes!

Have you ever done a post and not realized just how much make-up you actually have? That's me right now. Oops. Oh well, a girl can never have too much make-up, right?

I hope you enjoyed this post, I'm sorry all of my posts have been so long lately! I'll try reign it in a little, but once I'm started I can't seem to stop!

See you next time, then.

Ree xo

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

15 Blog Post Ideas For When You're Super Stuck

Hello, lovelies!

When I first started this blog I was very unsure about what exactly I wanted it's content to be. I started it a good few years ago when I was only about 15, and at first it was just a regular 'let all my feelings out in the open' blog, then it got very neglected, last year I tried to get into the swing of blogging again but to no avail, so one of my resolutions this year was to get this blog off the ground, and as someone who is extremely in love with all things beauty, what better type of blog to run than a beauty blog, right?

Bit of a ramble of an intro today, but it's one of those days where once I start writing I can't seem to stop, which is basically the complete opposite type of day that I'm making this post for. Oh well.

Sometimes I really struggle trying to come up with original, fun ideas for posts. So I got my notebook and pen and turned to my trusty old friend - Google. After an hour and a half an some serious blog stalking, I compiled a list of posts that I would LOVE to put on this blog. Most of them may not be the most original of ideas, but depending on, of course, how you write them and what content you put in them etc., they can be as original as your finger print.

So, without further rambling, let's blog some shit.

notebook from SighhDesigns

1. Hauls.

Every haul is different. Unless you've watched or read one and then go out and buy the exact same things. If you're nosy like myself, you probably get a lot of satisfaction from watching hauls, be it on beauty products, fashion, or even homeware (my personal favourite.)

2. Product Reviews.

Again, like hauls, every review is different. No one has the exact same view as anyone else, and I have spent the odd few hours (read: 12 hours straight) reading different reviews on products before I buy them, so a review post can never really go wrong, in my opinion.

3. Monthly Favourites.

Some of my favourite posts to read are favourites posts. I love knowing what people have been loving, kind of like a review post, I like to know the quality of a product before I try it for myself. Sometimes I need to remember that just because someone else likes it doesn't necessarily mean I will too, but that's a different matter completely. Monthly favourites? Yes please.

4. Monthly Wishlist.

These types of posts I usually see more around Christmas, but there is the occasional blogger that does one every month, and it's an amazing way to find out who's coming out with that products and how much they'll be, and also a great way to find new stores! 

5. Wardrobe Staples.

Wardrobe staples are, well, staples. Something everyone needs in their closet for the upcoming seasons. Be it Spring, Summer, Autumn, or Winter, a post on anything from cami tops for Summer to big heavy jackets for Winter, a good Wardrobe Staples post is going to be a really good bet.

6. Day In The Life.

Again, nosy people like myself LOVE these kinds of posts. There's just something very satisfying about reading about someone's day. Take your camera with you, try and take a photo an hour, maybe less, maybe more, it's completely up to you. Maybe make the day themed, like a pamper day, or a shopping day, it's completely up to you, but people love these posts.

7. What's In Your Bag.

What's In My Bag videos are extremely popular on YouTube, and I've noticed the posts are very popular on here also. I think if your handbag is a mess it's a good comfort to know there's someone else who carries around the most useless things in their handbag as well. It's like a messy handbag support group.

8. Empties.

Ever had a product that you loved so much you used it until you literally had to scrape the remains off the bottom of the tub? Or had to fill the bottle with some water to get the very last drop of it? Make a post about it! Sort of like reviews, 'Empties' posts are a great way to know what other people thought of products, and if they're worth buying yourself.

9. Top Products Under £... (£5, £10, £15)

Found a product that's an absolute steal in a high street store? Let your viewers know! A lot of us are struggling with money right now, so finding high quality products for nice, cheap prices is an absolute life saver. Yes, we'd all like to be able to afford a new MAC lipstick every two days, but a good high street dupe is just as nice! It isn't going to destroy your bank account either.

10. Throwback Thursday.

Hunt out your most embarrassing baby photos, throw a cute filter on it, and post it. I, personally, love sharing old photos (hello, I was THE cutest baby ever,) so making a Throwback Thursday or #TBT post is right up my alley. Reliving old memories and getting to laugh at myself is always the greatest, and if it gives someone else a chuckle, then it's wonderful. In fact, let me put one here.

Absolutely KILLING IT on my first day of school.

11. Room Decor.

I'm a huge huge sucker for home decor, bedroom decor especially, so posts about all the cute, quirky things you have in your bedroom are right up my street. Anything from fairy lights to unusual storage ideas, giving your viewers ideas for the rooms can never go wrong! They'll thank you for it when their room is the most adorable little wonderland.

12. Share Your Work Space.

Something that helps the quality of your blog posts, I've found, is having a space dedicated completely to just writing.  Mine is just my bed, but if you have a desk, or even a whole office, then share it! Lots of bloggers are suckers for stationary (I definitely recommend SighhDesigns for cute, hand drawn note books! Polly, you extremely talented lady!) so a post about what stationary you have, or how you have your desk set out is going to be a big hit.

13. Social Media Platforms.

Why not make a post about where else your viewers can find you?! Everyone has a twitter, tumblr, facebook, so post yours and watch your followers fly!

14, Celebrity Style Inspiration.

Recently, I've been obsessed with both Taylor Swift and Kylie Jenner's style. Absolutely no difference in those, right? But I've spent a good amount of time searching through posts to get some inspiration for my own wardrobe, of course at much more affordable prices, but like lipsticks, once a big designer does something, the smaller high-street stores tend to copy it.

15. Your Day!

Sometimes it's nice to just sit and write a post about something hilarious that has happened to you during the day, or if something terrible happened, writing about it may help relieve any stress or worry you have about it! You'll probably find your viewers will be incredibly supportive, and the feeling of getting something off your chest is incredibly helpful!

Well, that's it! I hope this post helps you if you're looking to start a blog, or even if you're just stuck for some ideas!

See you next time, then.

Ree xo