Friday, 5 June 2015

Lush Jasmine and Henna Fluff-Ease Hair Mask Review

Hello, lovelies!

I apologize for my absence, as usual things got super hectic, my laptop broke and I was busy seeing concerts and being ridiculously unwell, but I'm back!

What a better come back than a Lush review, am I right?

I picked this up the last time I was in my local Lush store, as I'm looking to improve the condition of my hair before I cut it all off to donate it to The Little Princess Trust. The woman I dealt with in the shop was incredibly helpful and lovely, and as soon as I told her my plans, she swiped this up off the shelf.

For roughly £10.98 the jasmine and henna fluff-ease treatment is fantastic for more red toned, fluffy/curly, dry hair. I naturally have very dry, curly hair, and this has managed to keep it at bay with blow-drying, and paired with some Argon oil I've had absolute no trouble with dry ends the past few times I've washed my hair, and I've only used it twice!

It recommends that you only keep it on for 20 minutes, but if you want a serious deep treatment you can keep it on for as long as you like - the woman who sold me it said she kept it on all night, her hair must love her.

After applying it thickly, and I mean thickly, I twist my hair up into a top-knot and go about whatever I'm doing. Usually it's just tidying, or I'll even go chill in a bath with a face-mask on and go all out with the self-pampering. I leave it on for roughly an hour to two hours, just letting it work its magic in the absolute birds nest I call my hair. Washing it off is as simple as it could get, run your hair under warm water and the shampoo and condition as normally, easy as pie!

Over all, I was skeptical about Lush's hair masks before I tried this, but I now have nothing bad to say against them. Or, this one at least.

Quick, short, and sweet. Much like myself.

I'll see you next time, then.

Ree xo

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