Thursday, 9 April 2015

Spring Look Book 2015

Hello, lovelies!

Since the good weather has decided to make an appearance, I roped one of my friends into helping me shoot my Spring look book, because if I didn't, who knew when the good weather would be back for long enough for me to get this done.

I won't ramble, I'll try to keep this short and sweet, and I'll try to keep a majority of it pictures, but here we go!

Outfit 1

Blinded by the very rare Scottish sunshine! 

My dungarees are from Primark (seriously, such a steal at only £14,) my shirt is from New Look, and my shoes are converse.

 Outfit 2

 I posted about this shirt in my "What's In My Carry On" post, so if you want the link for it, it's there, and I paired it with a pair of thigh high socks, and my chunky New Look boots.

Outfit 3

 Outfit 3 is my high waisted denim shorts from about three years ago, (thank you, eBay,) paired with a cut up Iron Maiden top, my black vans and a floaty, flouncy, rather summery cardigan type... thing. Primark, again.


Outfit 4

 Again, I've posted about these jeans before! In my Anna Saccone inspired OOTD, so all the details on them are there, but the top is also from New Look, and the shoes this time are from Bank, who unfortunately no longer have a website, but still have a few little stores open around the UK.

Outfit 5

The top in this outfit is from New Look, I got it as part of a dress/crop top set but I know they do them on their own for about £4. My jeans are from Boohoo, and my shoes are converse, again.

Well my loves, that's my Spring 2015 look book! I'm sorry if the photos are a bit all over the place, blogger has a serious issue with them apparently.

Regardless, I hope you enjoyed, and if you would rather see this in video form, you can find it on my YouTube channel which is linked at the side of my blog, or I'll put the video down below!

I'll see you next time, then.

Ree xo

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