Tuesday, 3 February 2015

15 Blog Post Ideas For When You're Super Stuck

Hello, lovelies!

When I first started this blog I was very unsure about what exactly I wanted it's content to be. I started it a good few years ago when I was only about 15, and at first it was just a regular 'let all my feelings out in the open' blog, then it got very neglected, last year I tried to get into the swing of blogging again but to no avail, so one of my resolutions this year was to get this blog off the ground, and as someone who is extremely in love with all things beauty, what better type of blog to run than a beauty blog, right?

Bit of a ramble of an intro today, but it's one of those days where once I start writing I can't seem to stop, which is basically the complete opposite type of day that I'm making this post for. Oh well.

Sometimes I really struggle trying to come up with original, fun ideas for posts. So I got my notebook and pen and turned to my trusty old friend - Google. After an hour and a half an some serious blog stalking, I compiled a list of posts that I would LOVE to put on this blog. Most of them may not be the most original of ideas, but depending on, of course, how you write them and what content you put in them etc., they can be as original as your finger print.

So, without further rambling, let's blog some shit.

notebook from SighhDesigns

1. Hauls.

Every haul is different. Unless you've watched or read one and then go out and buy the exact same things. If you're nosy like myself, you probably get a lot of satisfaction from watching hauls, be it on beauty products, fashion, or even homeware (my personal favourite.)

2. Product Reviews.

Again, like hauls, every review is different. No one has the exact same view as anyone else, and I have spent the odd few hours (read: 12 hours straight) reading different reviews on products before I buy them, so a review post can never really go wrong, in my opinion.

3. Monthly Favourites.

Some of my favourite posts to read are favourites posts. I love knowing what people have been loving, kind of like a review post, I like to know the quality of a product before I try it for myself. Sometimes I need to remember that just because someone else likes it doesn't necessarily mean I will too, but that's a different matter completely. Monthly favourites? Yes please.

4. Monthly Wishlist.

These types of posts I usually see more around Christmas, but there is the occasional blogger that does one every month, and it's an amazing way to find out who's coming out with that products and how much they'll be, and also a great way to find new stores! 

5. Wardrobe Staples.

Wardrobe staples are, well, staples. Something everyone needs in their closet for the upcoming seasons. Be it Spring, Summer, Autumn, or Winter, a post on anything from cami tops for Summer to big heavy jackets for Winter, a good Wardrobe Staples post is going to be a really good bet.

6. Day In The Life.

Again, nosy people like myself LOVE these kinds of posts. There's just something very satisfying about reading about someone's day. Take your camera with you, try and take a photo an hour, maybe less, maybe more, it's completely up to you. Maybe make the day themed, like a pamper day, or a shopping day, it's completely up to you, but people love these posts.

7. What's In Your Bag.

What's In My Bag videos are extremely popular on YouTube, and I've noticed the posts are very popular on here also. I think if your handbag is a mess it's a good comfort to know there's someone else who carries around the most useless things in their handbag as well. It's like a messy handbag support group.

8. Empties.

Ever had a product that you loved so much you used it until you literally had to scrape the remains off the bottom of the tub? Or had to fill the bottle with some water to get the very last drop of it? Make a post about it! Sort of like reviews, 'Empties' posts are a great way to know what other people thought of products, and if they're worth buying yourself.

9. Top Products Under £... (£5, £10, £15)

Found a product that's an absolute steal in a high street store? Let your viewers know! A lot of us are struggling with money right now, so finding high quality products for nice, cheap prices is an absolute life saver. Yes, we'd all like to be able to afford a new MAC lipstick every two days, but a good high street dupe is just as nice! It isn't going to destroy your bank account either.

10. Throwback Thursday.

Hunt out your most embarrassing baby photos, throw a cute filter on it, and post it. I, personally, love sharing old photos (hello, I was THE cutest baby ever,) so making a Throwback Thursday or #TBT post is right up my alley. Reliving old memories and getting to laugh at myself is always the greatest, and if it gives someone else a chuckle, then it's wonderful. In fact, let me put one here.

Absolutely KILLING IT on my first day of school.

11. Room Decor.

I'm a huge huge sucker for home decor, bedroom decor especially, so posts about all the cute, quirky things you have in your bedroom are right up my street. Anything from fairy lights to unusual storage ideas, giving your viewers ideas for the rooms can never go wrong! They'll thank you for it when their room is the most adorable little wonderland.

12. Share Your Work Space.

Something that helps the quality of your blog posts, I've found, is having a space dedicated completely to just writing.  Mine is just my bed, but if you have a desk, or even a whole office, then share it! Lots of bloggers are suckers for stationary (I definitely recommend SighhDesigns for cute, hand drawn note books! Polly, you extremely talented lady!) so a post about what stationary you have, or how you have your desk set out is going to be a big hit.

13. Social Media Platforms.

Why not make a post about where else your viewers can find you?! Everyone has a twitter, tumblr, facebook, so post yours and watch your followers fly!

14, Celebrity Style Inspiration.

Recently, I've been obsessed with both Taylor Swift and Kylie Jenner's style. Absolutely no difference in those, right? But I've spent a good amount of time searching through posts to get some inspiration for my own wardrobe, of course at much more affordable prices, but like lipsticks, once a big designer does something, the smaller high-street stores tend to copy it.

15. Your Day!

Sometimes it's nice to just sit and write a post about something hilarious that has happened to you during the day, or if something terrible happened, writing about it may help relieve any stress or worry you have about it! You'll probably find your viewers will be incredibly supportive, and the feeling of getting something off your chest is incredibly helpful!

Well, that's it! I hope this post helps you if you're looking to start a blog, or even if you're just stuck for some ideas!

See you next time, then.

Ree xo


  1. Love Polly's products too and good luck on your blog! Started mine this year too so fingers crossed we keep at it aha x

  2. I have that exact same notebook! Arrived today! Great post, I love reading 'blog ideas' posts!

  3. The Day In The Life idea is really good. I'd not thought about doing that before!

    Rebecca xx

  4. This is really helpful for when I'm out of ideas :)
    I have nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check out the rules on my blog here

    -Sarah | Sarahanne14