Saturday, 7 March 2015

MarHasThatBow Review

Hello, lovelies!

Recently, I stumbled upon the most gorgeous little independent store on Instagram. Does anyone else do that thing where you see a user liking your friends picture and you go and have a bit of a nosey? Well, that's what I done, and that's how I came across Mar.

Living in Florida, Mar has 4200 Instagram followers, most of which are obsessive Disney fans like myself, and all of which are IN LOVE with the hand-made, unique bows that Mar sells. She calls us her #Bowtifuls. Adorable, right?

I couldn't put off purchasing my own any longer, and the ever lovely Mar did give me a discount code, so I bought two!

The one that had caught my eye originally is the gorgeous big yellow Tinkerbell bow. I sometimes find it incredibly hard to find cute Peter Pan merchandise, so spotting the selection that Mar has was such a happy day for me.

Attached to a Crocodile clip, the bright yellow bow sports a gorgeous Tinkerbell cameo. I'm not usually a big fan of yellow, but thought I should try and come away from always wearing black since it's coming into Spring, so the bright colour matched with the green frame of Tink's cameo felt lovely and Springy, and also a great way to add a pop of colour to any outfit.

The second one I got was the most adorable bow I've ever seen in my life. Black and white, Mickey and Minnie with red accents, it's classic, it's simple and it's gorgeous. I wore it around my niece, and she's absolutely head over heels in love with them too.

With super fast delivery, and such friendly customer service, Mar really is an absolute sweetheart. Talented and a devote Disney lover too, obviously.

Safe to say I'll be making at least 9 more purchases from Mar, I'm already planning to give my niece a collection of them for Christmas, as well as buy myself some more!

Mar, I hope you have a fabulous time in Disney World, I'm extremely jealous!

Well, lovelies, that's it! I hope you enjoyed, and I really do suggest you go check out Mar's store, which I have linked above but will link again HERE

I'll see you next time, then.

Ree xo

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