Sunday, 8 March 2015

My First Tattoo

Hello, lovelies!

Yesterday I got my first tattoo! A little Hidden Mickey on the back of my neck. Disney has always had the biggest place in my heart, having been my escape from depression, eating disorders, my family breaking up, bullying, and so many more other awful things that life decided to throw at me. I use the movies and soundtracks to distract myself, cheer myself up and make me feel empowered, like if the characters could get through whatever hardships they're going through, I can get through whatever I'm going through.

I've been planning my tattoos since I was 14, and I knew that at least one of my tattoos would be Disney themed. Honestly, I'm glad it was my first one.

My friend Eve came with me for moral support (which turned into her taking photos of me through the glass between the waiting room and the studio.) But all in all, she really did make me feel better about the whole thing. She said she was more nervous than I was, that she was sat in the waiting room feeling sick with nerves for me, so I think she took all of my nerves away from me.

Pre-tattoo excitement! 

My artist is a man who did all of my Mum's tattoos, so I trusted him straight off. He made me feel at ease, and eventually had to tell my mum and Eve to get away from the door because they were making me shake. I honestly wasn't nervous until he put the transfer on, then I was - pardon my language - absolutely shitting myself.

It only took about five minutes to do, and once I got used to the sensation of the gun, it was completely fine. It stung a little when it got nearer the bone, but that's the same with every tattoo. Taking the wrapping off when I got home was so exciting to me, I had Eve stood ready with the camera and Mum had the Bepanthen at the ready so she could clean it.

I've spent the last 24 hours sat on my dressing table, looking in the front camera of my phone to see how gorgeous it is in the mirror. I'm totally in love, and I don't think I could ever explain how much this tattoo means to me. It's my own little personal reminder that when things get awful, I always have something to escape to. It's the start of a better life for me, a happier, more confident life.

After all, it all started with a mouse.

I'll see you next time, then.

Ree xo


  1. It's so cute! I love it! I just got my first tattoo done recently and I can't stop looking at it either :) xx

    1. Thank you so much! Ahh, it's such a nice feeling isn't it? I'm so ready to get my next one already xx

  2. I love this! It's so cute and understated, and I love how it has such a deep meaning behind it. A really beautiful first tattoo :)
    Nicole xx / Life in Ginger

  3. Love the tattoo and the meaning to it, so beautiful! :)
    Anna x

  4. Honestly, everytime I see that photo with Johnny in the corner I start to laugh!

  5. wow, you are so brave lol , looks really good and love the meaning behind it :) x Josune, Your Beauty Script