Saturday, 22 April 2017

Morphe "Candy Apple Red" Brush Set Review

Hello, lovelies!

Recently I decided to treat myself and buy some new makeup brushes, because my stash was seriously running low with the amount of brushes that were breaking, or had their hairs falling out. Please see below for the most heartbreaking moment of my life:

It's upsetting me even looking at it.

Anyway, I decided to treat myself to a set of Morphe brushes I saw on BeautyBay and totally fell head over heels with! The Morphe 700 8 piece "Candy Apple Red" Brush Set!

For £13.50 I couldn't really pass these beauties up! They're obviously of the highest Morphe standard, and they came packaged in a gorgeous red pouch, which I have obviously kept as I can't bring myself to throw away any type of brush pouch.

Composed of 8 brushes, ranging from big fluffy face brushes to the tiniest liner brush I have ever seen, the fact this set was only £13.50 literally blows my mind. Where else can you get Morphe brushes for that little?!

I've taken pictures of each of the individual brushes for you all to see, so here we go!

Tapered Powder Brush

Tapered Blush Brush 

Flat Foundation Brush

Oval Fluff Brush

Chisel Fluff Brush

Pointed Crease Brush

Angled Liner Brush

Bent Liner Brush

Aren't they beautiful?! I am so enamoured with them that when they first arrived I just stared at them for a while, before just brushing the powder brush against my face to test how soft it was. My mum laughed, but it was definitely one of the high points of my week. You guys understand, right? 

You can purchase these brushes HERE 

They are truly some of the best brushes I have ever bought, truly living up to their Morphe name.

Thank you so much for reading, lovelies! And as always -

I'll see you next time, then. 

Ree xo 

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