Monday, 17 April 2017

My Travel Skincare Essentials

Hello, lovelies!

So, on Saturday, I made a post about how much I love travelling, and I thought I would do a series of travel related posts. Keeping with the beauty/lifestyle style of my blog, I figured lets do the most important things first. Skincare.

Skincare is literally one of the most important things in my life. I wish I was joking. No matter where I am, who I'm with, or what time it is, I always make time to fit in my skincare routine. Now obviously when I'm travelling I have a very limited access to my full supply of products, but I always take my trusted and true, which, of course, is mostly made up of Soap and Glory. For any occasion, no matter what, birthday, Easter, Christmas, or even just a Saturday sale, I get Soap and Glory gift sets.

There are a few things I have left off this list, like hand sanitiser, lip balm etc, this is just the things I use mid-travel. Like when we stop off at service stations, or I've been on a flight or train for a ridiculous amount of hours, these are my refreshers.

First off, hand cream.

Soap&Glory's 'Hand Food' has been my go to hand cream since I was in high school. I've switched up scents over the years but the formula has always been the same, thick and creamy and moisturising. I am a massive germaphobe, so I've always got at least two different types of sanitiser on me, using one after the other, especially on public transport, and then I follow with my trusty hand food. My beautiful baby.

Next, face moisturiser.

This little beauty you can pick up in Tesco, Asda, Bodycare, pretty much any store that stocks skincare that isn't extremely high end. It's only 99p, and you get an amazing amount of product for such a little tub (it can go in your hand luggage with no problem). You can use it for body, hands and your face, but I personally use it for just my face. Sometimes travelling can take a toll on your face, the recycled air making your skin dry and irritated, so I always have this to hand. Plus, its super moisturising, and smells amazing.

Now, I switch between these two products, but always have both with me: moisturisers.

Again, both Soap&Glory. Again, both absolutely beautiful. I have been known to disappear into the plane bathrooms just to use these, because I feel like I need a little bit of pampering. 'The Righteous Butter' is the original S&G body butter, and it's got the classic rose and bergamot scent. 'Sugar Crush' is for when I need a little bit of a 'ZING' in my life. It's citrusy, sugary, sweet and zingy! It wakes me up instantly. My bathroom is full of these travel sized products, because even when I'm not travelling, they're perfect for taking to visit friends, and it saves a heck of a lot of space.

These four products save my life whenever I need them to, and I will live by them until I find anything that makes me feel even half as good as these do.

I hope you enjoyed this post, thank you for reading, and as always -

I'll see you next time, then.

Ree xo

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