Monday, 19 December 2016

12 Days of Blogmas: Day 7 - My Plans For 2017

Hello, lovelies!

Christmas is 6 sleeps away. I'm so excited, it's time for me to break out my Christmas bedding. Are you all excited?

Today's post is going to be a bit different, it's a list of things I'm planning to achieve in 2017, so next Blogmas I can look back and see how well I've done. I find making lists helps me a lot, especially at this time of year, so it's a list you're going to get.

By the end of 2017 I will have:

  • Turned 21 (not that I have a choice - my birthday is in 39 days.)
  • Passed my driving test
  • Travelled
  • Blogged weekly 
  • Vlogged more
  • Found inner happiness
  • Started saving for my own apartment
  • Finished decorating
It's not a long list, but I think if it was any longer I wouldn't be able to realistically complete it. I am looking forward to turning 21, if not only for the night out I'm having the weekend before it, but I'm definitely looking forward to travelling, and hopefully passing my driving test, I feel like I've been learning forever. 

Do you guys remember in June 2015 I posted about getting 2 kittens? That's one of them in the picture I used for this post! Isn't he getting big?!

Anyway, that's it, lovelies!

Tomorrow I'm having early Christmas, which is a tradition myself and two friends do every year, so tomorrows post will be later in the day, but a lot more interesting! See you all then!

Ree xo

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